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Aequorea victoria hydromeduse found in Norway

Aequorea victoria hydromeduse found in Norway 12.October 2013

SJELDEN TYPE GLASSMANET funnet på Lyngør, Aust-Agder 12.oktober 2013

Is this Aequorea victoria (aequorea)?
How common is it to see this on the south east coast of Norway?

This is me, kayaking in the beautiful weather on Saturday 12th October 2013. The place is named Lyngør, a group of islands on the outer coast of Tvedestrand and Risør i south Norway.


I did not find this jellyfish in the books of jellyfish in Norway, so I checked Wikipedia. From there I concluded that this must be the hydromeduse Aequorea victoria, which is a bioluminescent hydrozoan jellyfish. It originates from The Pacific sea on the west coast of North America. It has been found near Britain a few years ago, but here I think there may  be more updated information.(???)

I found this crystal jelly in a bay with very shallow water. The place is the southernmost tip of an island called Askerøya in the commune of Tvedestrand. The county is Aust-Agder, which is in southern Norway, on the east south coast. The coast is directly to the open sea of Skagerak.

The sea currents moves from The British Channel north to Denmark, continues north along east coast of Norway. Turns in the Oslo fjord and moves south again along the coast of south east Norway. Sometimes the current goes the opposite way. 

I would appreciate some info about how common it is to see this jellyfish in Norwa. What is the English name, and does it have any Norwegian name? I also have more photos.

Text and photos: Beate Strøm Johansen (biologist/zoologist)
Job in the Natural History Museum of Agder, in Kristiansand, south Norway.

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Pia Ve Dahlen sa...


Dette kommer et godt år for seint, men jeg tror dette dreier seg om en Aequorea vitrina. Denne hører hjemme i Nordatlanteren, og ligner mer på bildene enn A. victoria.

Fant en tilsvarende i Øygarden i sommer, og dette innlegget hjalp meg veldig med å finne slekten :)

Mvh Pia